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Creative Director and Designer

Carole Lieu, New York

It's hard to categorize me—I started in graphic design and print. Became immersed in photo art directing. Cultivated storytelling. Fell into advertising. Honed ideation. Integrated technology. Practiced strategy discernment. Evolved into creative director.


Grounded in Design, I consciously choose a path from a specialist mindset towards broadly applying myself to the creative process and capturing the big idea. I'm a collaborator, a creative, a thinker, a maker, an optimist, a humanitarian. I'm passionate about Design, and aware that it is powerful when informed by human insights and distilled with strategy. Rather than being stylized—my visual sensibilities are substantive, layered with the emotive and anchored in the depth of content. 


This challenging moment in human history is a reset for our global community. Yet, we are poised for bright opportunities to co-create and reforge how we live and work with a renewed sense of purpose, community, and an awakened intelligence. My vision is to bring to life our unique narratives as our storytelling alchemizes this moment, and sculpts the future. 


Based in Brooklyn, New York

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Neerja Choudhuri

I have always found my first love in writing. I try not to restrict myself on a particular topic and that's the reason why I am always exploring and experimenting with my writings. 

I also write on social issues that involve women and their lives as I feel that we are not representing the common woman enough. 

Just like all writers, I want my voice to be heard and I want it to reach as far as possible. And with this hope, I continue to write my way.



    Marcus Westberg

    I love what I do - let’s start there.

    Everything I do, I have chosen to do. And while I always cringe a little when I hear the word ‘luck’, I certainly recognize how incredibly privileged I am to have been able to choose this path in the first place, having been born into an affluent society (Sweden), a loving, supportive family and with no real hardships to speak of.

    Photography is about sharing stories. These stories are the stories of others—of other people, of animals, of places and events—and although not something I seek out consciously, I find that my photography has a tendency to focus on strength and integrity, affinity and love.

    Perhaps this is because these are qualities I instinctively look for in others; perhaps because they are qualities I would want others to look for (and hopefully find) in me. But their stories are also my stories, and how I choose to tell them, whether through photos or words, says as much about my own journey as it does about the world around us. Most importantly, my effectiveness as a storyteller hinges on my ability to be present, to form connections and to listen, and to keep an open mind. I certainly don’t succeed all the time, but that’s no reason to stop trying.

    Having been bitten early and decisively by the Africa bug, this is where I spend much of my time. An academic background in environmental science soon gave way to full-time photography and writing.

    I am now a two-time Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist, a proud member of Wildlife Photographers United, and have spoken about my work in front of audiences of over 2,500 people.

    I also run trips and yoga retreats together with my amazing wife Jessica and have produced a series of photographic courses and workshops. A small selection of my photographic prints are available for sale through Maptia. Between travels you will most likely find me foraging for mushrooms and berries in my native Sweden, but in the event that this is somewhat out of your way you are very welcome to reach out via more conventional methods.

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    Documentary photographer

    Rey Byhre, Nigeria

    Rey is a photographer that has published in Der Spiegel, Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitnung, Time magaznie, The Times, The Guardian,and Reuters.

    He is mostly based on the African continent where he has worked with the UN and other NGO organizations. Right now you can find him working in a café in Nigeria.


      Composer and Pianist

      Tze Toh, Singapore

      Tze Toh composes for film, dance, documentaries, branding experiences, advertising, video games, installations. With over a decade of experience, his clients include Nendo, Cartier, Rosewood, Club Med, Discovery Channel, Toyota, Porsche, Changi Airport, National Gallery Singapore, and DBS bank among others. His original works have been showcased in Brazil, Netherlands, the Maldives, Poland, Spain, France, UK, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

      As a solo artist and with his contemporary music group TO ensemble, he has performed his original music in festivals/projects in the Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, the Maldives, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia.

      Some of his notable works include the original score for Singapore's first animated film Sing to the Dawn, Discovery Channel's Man-Made Marvels, theatre director/artist Ramesh Meyyappan's Snails, and Ketchup (London 2012 Cultural Olympiad), award-winning filmmaker Royston Tan's film Popiah[薄餅].

      In 2011, he won first prize in the UK Songwriting Contest (Instrumental category) for his fusion piece An Indian Folk song meets Jazz.

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      Writer, Photographer and Blogger

      Caitlin Atkinson

      I’m Cait!

      I’m a 23-year-old university graduate, living in the North East of England. I previously studied Psychology at York St John University, and I’m now undertaking my PGCE with a goal of teaching English – maybe! We’ll see where I end up.

      I’m bringing this blog back – I’ve had a bit of a break due to my mental health, something which I openly discuss here quite often! This blog covers a range of topics, usually just acting as a place for me to talk about my emotions and opinions on things.

      I’m also a photographer – with a website dedicated specifically to that. Although at the moment, my main subjects are famous landmarks and my own friends/family!

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      Paul Lorger, Mali

      A journalist with a diploma in international relations, I like to understand the structures that surround us to tell the peculiarities of each. After a review through several French editors (Les Inrocks, Liberation, Ouest-France) as well as a jump through San Francisco (San Francisco Public Press) or Jerusalem (Palestine-Israel Journal), my stories try to relate to human lives, in - beyond the official speeches that shape our vision of a unified society. Without pretending to touch the truth, I try to transcribe a reality that is unknown to neighbors so far from real situations. Photography as the main witness accompanies my writings to illustrate and support the comments made during the reports, with, as a point of honor, a focus on the individual. Based in Bamako, Mali. 

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