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Mentor and Ambassador

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim, Norway 

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim is CEO of Progressing Minds and author of  “The Leadership PIN Code- Unlocking the Key to Willing and Winning Relationships”, which debuted on the 2020 Forbes list of 8 books “..that makes you reconsider the way you manage relationships”. She is an HBR contributor, executive coach on leadership influence, and a keynote speaker on her experience as a psychologist working with psychopaths, the serving military, and with leaders in business settings. She is an accomplished moderator on the international stage. Nashater has over 25 years of practical business experience across diverse sectors for governments, global corporations, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. Nashater has held executive leadership positions within strategy, and leadership development in international corporations and SMEs. She holds a doctorate in Psychology from the UK and trained as an Expert Negotiator at Harvard Law School.

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Tarja Stephens, Miami

Tarja is an entrepreneur and connecter working on the future of collective creativity, connection, and social impact.  Her work is focused on bringing the right people together, and empowering creators to elevate their work and impact through new innovative platforms and programs while facilitating collective creativity and shared learning. She holds a decade of experience in developing and leading transformation programs for global multimillion-dollar projects that were supported by knowledge in team building, innovation, and lean methodologies.


Tarja is a passionate advocate for helping the next generation of change-makers raise awareness on causes they support by connecting the right people together and unlocking their collective potential for a shared good. Currently, Tarja is building ‘The Creator Frontier’, a smart social network and learning platform for creators. She also serves as a board member of the non-profit Impact Mission Miami, part of the B-Corp ecosystem that focuses on raising awareness and cultivating the conscious, purpose-driven business movement in the Miami region.

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Eli Gjesdal



Eli is a Co-Active Coach, graduated from Co-Active Institute. Through her inspiration, support, trustworthiness, and determination she inspires people who want to change, be challenged, or want a push so that they believe more in themselves and take necessary steps to create a better life, develop their dreams and reach their goals. As a speaker coach, she is helping people to transform messages and the way they are delivered into clear and inspiring presentations.


She has collected more than 40 years of professional experience in shipping, both commercial and maritime. She has extensive and broad experience within international shipping. Leadership and teamwork, business development, strategic planning, business planning, marketing strategy and negotiations, organizational development, coaching and talent management, improvement and change processes, contract, project, - and performance management, and building customer relations. Result and solution-oriented, structured and analytical, inspiring and enthusiastic, people person; connector and relator. Extensive network. High integrity and loyalty.

International shipping experience both from USA, Stamford, UK, London and Sweden, Stockholm.


She holds a Master of Management and a Bachelor´s degree in International Marketing.


When she is recharging her batteries, you will find her in the mountains or by the sea!

She has a love for seasons and the variety and energy nature offers!

+47 952 50 875

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Peggy Liu, China

Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE, has been at the heart of the greening of China since 2007. She has dedicated her life to personal and planetary health. Named the "Green Goddess of China" by Chinese press and TIME Hero of the Environment, she travels the world to consult companies and governments on how to catalyze societal-scale change, scale sustainable innovation, and collaborate with China.


Peggy's superpower is bringing people together across borders and industries to change the world for the better. Peggy works across policy, economic, technical, and spiritual realms.​


Peggy keynotes around the world on lessons from how China is tackling the world's toughest challenges: pollution, urbanization, epidemics, drought, obesity and diabetes. What can other societies can learn without becoming China? How can individuals catalyze societal-scale change?


Peggy is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. She was awarded the "Nobel" of climate change and the "Hillary Step". The Economist called her "one of the most innovative thinkers in Asia." Previously, she was a venture capitalist and founded one of the earliest ecommerce companies in Silicon Valley. Red Herring cover story dubbed her an "Internet Pioneer".


As the best-selling author of Mesmerize the Media: Maximize Your Impact With More Press, Peggy coaches women leaders on personal branding and transformational speaking. She brings about the rise of the Divine Feminine by strengthening the voices of women in the media.

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Janna Salokangas, Helsinki & Monaco


Entrepreneur, Connector, Speaker, and a people person who understands the power of human connection.

Janna is a co-founder of Be on Audio, a global, social audio consulting agency that helps companies and individuals to elevate their voice and presence in the new ecosystem.

Janna is a marketing professional with broad experience in partnerships and the event industry. Gone from organizing the world’s most exclusive Grand Prix partnership activations and events at top F1®️ locations to founding a brand activation agency highlighting Nordic companies internationally through high-end events and networking opportunities.


As an active entrepreneur, she is a founding partner of Nordic Collective, Finnish Flow movement Be on Audio consulting.

Janna’s aim is to raise awareness for prevalent global topics one event and encounter at a time. Her mission is to give a voice to young people, change-makers, and entrepreneurs to bring their future potential to life.

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Mark Lovett

Storyteller / Storylistener


As the founder of Storytelling with Impact, Mark Lovett works with individuals, corporations, startups, and nonprofits, helping them craft and deliver stories that will create impact on a personal, regional and global level. Having worked with hundreds of speakers, Mark has repeatedly witnessed the ability of storytelling to shift perspectives on important topics.


Mark's background includes 25 years as a c-level executive in the computer industry before changing directions and becoming a TEDx organizer. He has worked on large events held in concert venues, as well as an event that straddled the U.S. / Mexico border, and two events that occurred inside a California State prison.


As the world confronts critical issues such as climate change and sustainability, stories can play a key role in explaining complex subjects and introducing innovative solutions to those problems. Stories serve to integrate scientific research and statistics with personal stories, and to that end, Mark is passionate about bringing impactful stories to the public discourse.

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