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Sooo. Magazine & Events 
Founded in Norway

is a Global digital media
that brings 
awareness and impact
on topics related to sustainability

Sooo. Journey began as a conversation between Siv and Teddy and so they discovered that they have a common vision to support the process of creating a better world. Realizing how aligned they were that the world had reached a point where the action was needed, they began to discuss the possibility of uniting their powers and skills to make an impact. Their vision was to raise awareness, educate and inspire others to find solutions and take action on important topics related to sustainability.

So that’s how the concept of a digital magazine about sustainability called Sooo was born. Siv was already a founder of a creative agency that set the foundations for the magazine. Teddy with a background in building networks, and creating opportunities and strategies, brought the rest. The idea for the name came from Siv who had the vision of Sooo as a word that always comes up when you present a solution or a question. 

Marina joined Sooo. a year after, first writing a few articles and then getting more and more involved in Sooo. projects. Her passion for storytelling and shaping visual perspectives for a better vision to impact change matched Sooo. concept to the core.

Now we are three women from different cultures and backgrounds committed to raising sustainability awareness with the help of our growing community. As we work on our digital magazine, we are looking for different ways to share news and stories such as podcasts, videos, animation and visual storytelling in addition to written articles. 

Today Sooo. is proud of its outstanding team of ambassadors, contributors, and friends from all around the world. With expertise in content creation, writing, design, leadership, branding, and PR, all united by the vision for creating a better world, they have a key role in developing the magazine and creating an impact. 

Sooo. what's next? Launch of a Live interview/Podcast, the official launch of the Sooo. Magazine and building a community are some of the things that Siv and Teddy are planning for the near future. 

Do you have any ideas, feedback, or want to be part of this incredible journey? Are you passionate about making an impact for a better future? Please get in touch! 

Meet Sooo.

Teddy Slavcheva.jpg

Teddy Slavcheva

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Founder & Partner & CEO of  Sooo. / Co-Founder at InnoP AS / Vice Leader Women in Tech Oslo / WomenTech Network Global Ambassador/ Diversity and Sustainability Advocate and Futurist

Siv Sivertsen.jpg

Siv Sivertsen

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Founder & Partner & COO of Sooo. / Sustainability Advocate / Awareness / Entrepreneur / Marketing / Visual Design / Award Winning Creator / Writer/ Branding / Events

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